Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Moving forward? A long overdue update.

I really have not felt like posting lately. Our house situation had deteriorated to the point where we were actually scheduling appointments with our agent to view other houses. We were getting NO answers about the title problem and it seemed like it might go on forever. All my original excited energy that built up when I first started this blog went out the window with the prospect of losing this house. I no longer felt like thinking about paint or decor or anything of the sort, it just stressed me out and made me sad. Nothing fun to post, so I didn't.

Then yesterday we got some news! The title problem is close to clear...the selling bank wants to know if we can we close in 20 days. We double-checked with our lender and he confirmed we are set to close anytime, he just needs to get the paperwork together for the new price. YES!!! One major step in the right direction and I have renewed hope.

The only thing we have left to deal with is the low appraisal. The selling agent is giving us a very hard time about this, but our awesome agent and our awesome lender have actually joined forces on this and are both confident we can get this cleared up, and get the price in line with the appraisal.

So we are not out of the woods yet, and we still don't have a definite closing date, but everyone seems confident that we will get everything cleared up. That means that very soon (hopefully!) I will be back to posting happy fun house stuff!


  1. Hey, that sounds awesome, Heather! I was worried that the title issue might throw a wrench in your plans.

    Definitely make sure you get EVERYTHING, regardless of how minor it might seem right now, in WRITING. (Not that you aren't. Just feel the need to point that out.) People can be oh-so-nice and helpful ... until they get their money and the deal is done. And sometimes, after that whatever is left undone is just your problem.

    Good luck! Crossing fingers for you!

  2. That sounds SO frustrating! I'd be pretty unhappy about that too- blogging would be the last thing on my mind.