Saturday, November 28, 2009

Need more holiday spirit!

Whew! Tennessee relatives are gone, and Thanksgiving went off without a hitch. Now we can move on to Christmas!

I didn't realize how little I had in the way of Christmas decor until I started trying to decorate my new house. I have decorations that made less than 1000 square feet of our apartment look quite festive. But now that I have almost 3000 square feet, I need a LOT more. So I went to Jo Anne's & the dollar store this morning and spent about $35 on:

- 2 small star-shaped wreaths
- 4 PVC candy canes for our walkway
- 2 small trees for our front door area
- 10 small berry/beady things to decorate the 2 small doorstep trees
- 1 tiny tree with burlap wrapped around the base.
- 2 tubes of ornaments to fill a huge glass apothecary jar
- a wreath hanger

I am still no where near close to done. We still need to do outdoor lights, hang some greenery garland, find a spot for a few more wreaths, I and I really want to do those white electric candles in all our windows. And I still need more! We haven't done anything at all upstairs. So overwhelming. I'm sure I will gather more decorations as time goes by, but I just really want our first holiday season in our new house to be special & festive. Especially since we are hosting 2 parties!

Pics to come soon, I promise...

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