Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thrift store finds...

Laptop is still broken, so I am posting when I can. Hopefully I can post some pics of the loot I got this weekend while thrifting & bargain hunting. We spent about $50 on:
  • a wooden lamp base (we plan on painting)
  • some decorative wooden yard stakes with Halloween decorations on the top (one is a pumpkin, the other is a ghost)
  • two ADORABLE(!!!!) vases...they are teal with white graphic flowers on them (0.99 each!)
  • a pair of tall iron candle holders w/ fleur de lis at the top
  • a really pretty yellow ceramic flower pot/vase
  • a decorative cement ball thing with a fleur de lis (I really like those, if you couldn't tell)
  • a Halloween plate with a black cat on it
  • a black wrought iron scrolly table-top plate/frame holder to hold the Halloween plate
  • two pieces of metal wall art...they are reddish/brownish squares with a gold scroll pattern on them
  • and a book for Tadd (not really for the house, but we did buy it at the Salvation Army while we were buying some of the other stuff)
We also saw a bunch of other stuff that I really liked or could use. We plan on getting a used washer & dryer for now, and we saw a matching pair that was like new for $200 at Salvation Army. Also saw some great side tables, a beautiful baker's rack, a nice buffet for the dining room, etc. I'm excited! I could see us buying a lot of stuff from thrift stores and jazzing them up. This will be a nice way to buy stuff, make it our own, and not break the bank.

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